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Yoga with Jo

Yoga with Jo

About me...

I have always loved to share yoga with friends and family.


With a background in nursing, a love for nature and a love for being present in your own surroundings, I love how yoga ties all that together and can be practiced anywhere, at anytime and is about so much more than just physical postures. Learning how to breathe fully and exhale completely, and to find the space in between is the beginning of a wonderful yogic journey.


I love to connect with people and create a nurturing space where the postures are practiced and the mind is observed.


I love yoga for the clarity it brings to my mind, for the length it brings to my spine and posture, and for the connection it brings to myself. I love the connection within the class as students explore their own space on the mat and breath new life energy into themselves and the group as a whole. I am always curious to see where the path of yoga leads for each and every one of us.


Ýoga has been with me for over 20 years as I have moved around, had different teaches, different home practices and also I've had times of little yoga. I was very fortunate to take a  beginners iyengar course in Darwin that focused on the importance of foundations and slowly took us through each step, sometimes spending ages on getting the toes right for triangle pose. It's only now I am so appreciative of a solid beginning and I honour myself with a slow pace when learning new ways. There is no rush to perfect an asana or pose, but plenty of grace and joy to be found in seeing each moment on the mat as new and fresh, rich with possibility.

As a yoga teacher in my first year of teaching I remember so much from all the trainings and classes, intuitively letting a class flow to suit the moment. It is a joy to see the faces of students coming out of savasana totally blissed out.


I welcome all walks of life to my classes and look forward to connecting with you through the practice of yoga.

Namaste, Jo

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