Kids Yoga Classes

Kids Yoga

Yoga classes for children are active, fun, involve a whole lot of activity and most beneficially give the children a chance to relax and be mindful.


Animal poses and nature themes are examples of ways to incorporate yoga poses into a children's class. Through movement and the use of the breath, children learn to become aware of how their bodies and minds are feeling.


Through this connection between body and breath, children are given valuable tools to use in everyday life.


Currently, children's yoga classes are run through the schools at Agnes Water State School and Lowmead State School.


For enquiries about children's classes or school classes please get in touch


Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world, increasing their self-awareness and strengthening their bodies. 

Shakta Khalsa



P: 0405 598 374

Captain Cook Drive, Agnes Water, Queensland, 4677

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