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Kids yoga and vinyasa yoga-the power and passion of story telling

Yoga and story telling


Wanna hear a story? Of course you do! We all love that intro and as my children's yoga class was going awry last week it brought it back in an instant. Wanna here a story about a little dog called 'toto'? Go into cat pose.....'the dog was a once a puppy'....move into upward dog... 'and he was really scared of the cat next door'....arch your back into cat pose..... ‘so he snuck up on the cat'.....And so on.

I have always loved a good story and getting lost in imaginings and dreaming of other worlds and other ways to be and story is such a great way to really engage and connect. The kids loved it and the energy really shifted from unruly to focused and I was totally impressed. The kids were fully into the whole story, moving with their bodies and acting out the emotions in the story of the animals and calming down as the story calmed down.

Using the power of 'stories' to help kids focus during yoga


When I ask children what they enjoyed about their yoga class I'm not suprised they say they like the stories. I'm suprised when they say they like relaxing and feeling so calm because in relaxation they seem to twitch and roll and look around all over the place!

They do not appear very relaxed compared to adults relaxation. They don't often look calm, but I can tell that they are.

They love the yoga classes! The story leads the body, with breath and movement from a beginning, through an exciting middle and winds down with reflection and relaxation.

Improve your breath and flow with Vinyasa Flow


Vinyasa flow for adults is also story like. You can be creative as you like and classes come together to feel whole and complete rather than just postures tacked together.

You transition into, through and out of postures in a wave like motion.

Beginning by centering with breath and stillness, warming up by integrating breath and movement and then moving into sun salutations and standing poses. Here the class is dynamic and full of many creative possibilities depending on the theme. You flow to the mat for forward bends and twists.

Your vinyasa journey then leads you slowly towards savasana, a resting pose to integrate the movement and flow into a more quieter mindful place where we go beyond distractions and find stillness to restore and rejuvenate.

See you on the mat!



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