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My yoga classes are a blend of vinyasa flow and holding gentle poses to strengthen the body and the mind. The classes are fulfilling and enjoyable. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Located in Agnes Water, the yoga classes begin with centered breathing, a gentle warm up, then build into a flow incorporating gentle backbends and forward folds. The yoga class ends with relaxation (savasana) and a return to stillness.

As you gain experience, you can challenge yourself with new poses and try different ways of doing things. This practice helps to ground us off the mat and see a new perspective when facing life's little challenges.

Suitable for all ages and you can go at your own pace and level.

You will also build core strength to safely manage new poses and improve posture.

Whether you practice outside, or in my breezeway (limited numbers), or at your retreat, I create a safe space to explore the wonderful play of yoga and I hope to see you on the mat soon.

Namaste, Jo



Whether you are new to the practice of yoga or familiar with the yoga journey, Breathe 1770 Yoga is committed to offering a grounding practice that draws in the natural surrounding environment of Agnes Water & 1770.

Join us for the popular restorative full and new moon yoga class with the energy of the moon, you will leave feeling nurtured, open and fulfilled.


Breathe 1770 yoga classes are aimed at supporting all walks of life and all levels of practice.


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“Jo is very calm and accommodating to ALL ages and abilities.” 


—  Pauline Lamb




P: 0405 598 374

Captain Cook Drive, Agnes Water, Queensland, 4677

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