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Yoga to relax, restore and renew.

If you have been to a yin or restorative yoga class before, you will know the blissed out feeling you get from letting your joints and muscles relax through holding supported yoga poses for a longer time.

Slowing Down


Restorative yoga is lovely when you have been super busy and doing more yang or active classes and you really feel like slowing down and relaxing.

But its also great to make a regular habit of this self nurturing practice that guides us to be more present with what is, and more observant of our minds and bodies.

This helps us in our day to day life to find more focus and be a little less reactive to what comes our way.

We feel like we've made a bit of space to be able to see things more clearly. Restorative yoga reminds us to use our breath to release tension and can help reduce feelings of stress and unease.

Allowing the body to slow down and for the mind to be still can let all kinds of emotions surface and we are reminded to honour ourselves and observe the feelings for what they are.

New Energy


We are coming up to Easter which is a special time of year for many people. It might mean family and getting together, camping with friends or a religious or spiritual celebration.

To me, it is like a second new year feeling, where we've settled in to the year, and as the weather cools we are keen to make more exciting plans, get amongst the garden and start that DIY project.

Its a great time to reflect, to really listen to that inner knowing and to make some time to connect with what matters to you.

Take some time this Easter to walk with a new freshness and to see the unlimited potential in every step.

To look at all your wonderful achievements and to be thankful for what you've accomplished. To be curious about what you could do if you let go of some things that just don't serve you any more. And to trust that if you make some space, anything is possible.

And if you get a chance to try restorative or yin yoga, give it a go!

See you on the mat!




Breathe 1770 Yoga offer monthly Full Moon Restorative Yoga Classes.

Classes are held at the Agnes Water Community Centre, 71 Springs Rd. Bookings are essential and spaces are limited. To book, please email, phone or text 0405 598 374. Restorative classes are $15 and generally around 1.5 hours in duration.

Please bring your mat, a bolster or two firm pillows and a light blanket.​ Spare mats available upon request.

Breathe 1770 Yoga offers Weekly Yoga Classes, Monthly Full Moon Restorative classes, Private Yoga Classes, Kids Yoga at surrounding schools and specially tailored Yoga Classes at your retreat.

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