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Why I decided to study yoga teacher training.

I have always loved the diversity of yoga classes, styles and teachers.

I really enjoy traditional iyengar or hatha yoga, love a challenging strong ashtanga class, and am just as happy with a gentle flow or a fun and brave new style that offers new moves. I could honestly say I always get something out of a class, whether it be lots of joy, some grounding, sore muscles or just a good post yoga 'glow'.

I often walk from a class feeling taller and much more open.

It took me a little while to believe that I too could offer a space and support others in their own practice of yoga. I am so grateful for this. After my first certificate I really feel I'm at the beginning of a lifelong learning.

Yoga in a natural way


Yoga can be practiced anywhere, by anyone and in many forms. I know I bring the gift of maturity and experience to my classes to make students feel at ease.

I may not be able to hold wheel for a long time, or handstand easily or get into side crow just yet, but I know in being present and accepting of what my body can do, I am 'doing' yoga perfectly each time I am on the mat.

I am listening to what I need at each particular moment and love to share that with others.

I became a yoga teacher because I knew that yoga would always be with me and I picture myself in the future as a healthy older woman, still able to move gracefully and be steady with her breath and to be calm and kind within and to others.

Yoga lets us connect to our body and our surroundings by allowing the mind to be soft. We focus on our breath, as we play with the connections of movement, strength and stillness.

Teaching in Agnes Water


My dream was to have a couple of classes a week and I had the amazing support from friends who came to my deck while I was still learning.

Getting lefts and rights muddled up, being a bit clunky and raw, but still seeing the benefits we all shared. Thankyou friends!!

Now I also teach children and restorative classes and I can still be a bit clunky! Hehe. Which another friend reminded me only makes us more real.

I can't wait to learn more and delve deeper into the yogic philosophies, taking yoga from the mat into our daily lives. Being of service to others in the smallest of ways. A great story for me recently was a son being taught by his mother 'did you make someone smile today?' as a measure of a successful day.

I really feel blessed with lots of yoga and I go to a fantastic ashtanga yoga teacher in Agnes Water that teaches me heaps. I also love a cider with friends and choosing to surf when the surfs up and yoga later.

See you on the mat!



Breathe 1770 Yoga offers Weekly Yoga Classes, Monthly Full Moon Restorative classes, Private Yoga Classes, Kids Yoga at surrounding schools and specially tailored Yoga Classes at your retreat.

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