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Yoga for anyone, anywhere. Even on a bushwalk!

You don't need to flexible, fit or strong to practice yoga. You just need a desire to practice moving your body with your breath at whatever level or condition it is in right now.

If you are on the mat practising poses and your forward fold is not as deep as the person next to you, it doesn't matter. In fact you are both doing yoga perfectly well as you give your mind space to relax and be present with what is happening right now.

A person who is super flexible may have just as much trouble trying to establish solid foundations as they get to understand their own bodies in a fresh and nurturing way.

As you continue to practice you will feel more strength in your core, more stability and balance and much more space and openness that can can be taken with you for the rest of the day and night.

Bushwalking and yoga in Kakadu National Park.

I recently went for a long bushwalk with friends and family, carrying our tents, sleeping mats and food for 6 days. We didn't walk a long way everyday, but explored the wonderful bush, rockpools and waterfalls. We slept on the sand and the rocks and watched the movement of it all. We woke with the birds and drank delicious coffee. I led lovely yoga sessions on the sand, our senses enhanced as we became more present and open, easing stiff joints and aching muscles. We all loved the feeling it gave us.

A few minutes of conscious breathing with movement relaxes the nervous system, calms the mind and brings us into a more mindful presence .

Stories in the landscape and around the campfire

The country is so alive in the top end. Such richness in the landscape, and stories written on the walls in ochre. There is beauty in the massive escarpment and the small biting green ants.

I was so immensely proud of our two girls who never complained and seemed to really enjoy the bushwalk. We played cards and word games, told stories and just hung out. One of our group inspired us all to write a poem and we read them to each other by the fire. Magic!

My 12 year old daughter Lucinda's poem-

B bushwalking is a different life

U unbelievable sights as we trudge through shrub

S sunny days and starry nights

H hopping from rock to rock to

W walking top high cliffs

A air as fresh as minties

L lolling around in deep clear pools

K kicking back our feet as we rest

I incredible experiences as we stumble

N nestled in our maggots, we drift to sleep

G going home is a relief

Hehe- our sleeping bags were the maggots.

Our girls were most helpful at passing backpacks up and over big boulders and looking around for ways through the seemingly impossible.

We had to waterproof our packs and float them through the freezing gorge.

They kept an eye on us 'oldies' and bounced around with glee.

Come and try yoga if you never have before. It really can be the beginning of an incredible journey.

See you on the mat!



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